Complete Natural Entertainment and Big Sounds Better in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation “Alert Today Alive Tomorrow” campaign, will host a community awareness event in partnership with the African-American Research Library andCultural Center, Broward Parks and Recreation, MVP Management and Urban League of Broward County.

 This event, titled The Big Give Back “Alert Today Florida” Keeping Our Kids Safe, Mentally and Physically, will attract over 500 children and families from the Broward community.
The eventwill focus on three key issues facing children and families of the Broward community:
1. Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety- Broward County currently has one of the highest accident and fatality rates related to inappropriate bike and pedestrian safety.
2. Child Abduction- Currently Broward county is number 2 in the country for child abductions
3. Music, Arts and Education- Across the country education systems of impoverished neighborhoods suffer from lack of funding, resources and the continued removal of arts and music programs.
The Big Give Back, will address these issues as follows:
• Aware Today, Alive Tomorrow will conduct pedestrian and bike safety demonstrations. They will alsodistribute free helmets and safety gears, along with a safe route to school poster contest where the winner will receive a free bike and safety gear.
• At the recommendation of the FBI and the National Child Identification Program, along with local law enforcement, we will distribute ID kits free of charge and provide helpful prevention tips to help with the goal of decreasing the annual number of child abduction and also increase the number of safe returns.
• The event will host a talent show, allowing children of the community to display their talents in music, dance, art and spoken word. Local musicians will give a free concert and we will distribute 500 backpacks filled with school supplies for the upcoming school year.
The event will consist of food, games, activities for children of all ages as well as the parents/guardians. Upon leaving The Big Give Back, families will be better informed, living safer, musical/artfully enriched and prepared to excel for the upcoming year.